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Planmeca Creo 3D Printer

Planmeca Creo™ is our new 3D printer for creating dental objects such as models and surgical guides with true precision and effi ciency. It is the perfect tool for dental labs and large clinics aiming to expand their production capabilities and increase efficiency.

Enjoy the freedom to print objects from different design software with an open interface for STL imports!

  • High-quality dental applications from medically approved materials
  • Completes Planmeca’s seamless digital workflow
  • In-house printing lowers costs and saves time
  • Efficiency with the latest DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology
  • Current printing times (horizontal printing):
    • Dental models: 2 hours
    • Surgical guides: 45 minutes
  • Large printing area:
    • Fits up to 6 dental models or 25 surgical guides at the same time
  • Dedicated Creo Studio software

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