A-Dec 400 – Mid Range Plus – Ambidextrous

The Ambidextrous A-dec 400 marries form and function for superb patient and dentist comfort and access. The ambidextrous compatibility of the Radius delivery system brings flexibility and productivity to every treatment room. When you consider it’s unique load-bearing pivoting armrests, contemporary chair design and 60º swivel, you will see why A-dec 400 is exceptional value

  • Back Rest – The ultra-thin, flexible back provides excellent oral cavity access.
    • This thin profile allows you to tuck your knees under the backrest and around the headrest no matter what position you need to work in.
  • Headrest – Dual-articulating and gliding (knob style)
  • Seat –
    • Hybrid drive (electromechanical tilt, hydraulic base)
    • 181 kg weight capacity
    • Two Position armrests
    • Seamless & Sewn Upholstery choices
  • Halogen or LED Light
  • Fixed Porcelain Spittoon bowl
  • Full integration of fibre Optics, micro-motors, scalers, cameras and curing lights
  • 2 litre Water Bottle – requires fewer refills
  • 5 Years Parts Warranty

3D View of Chair – Spin-Rotate-View 

Web Link: http://ie.a-dec.com/en/Products/Dental-Chairs/Dental-Chairs/A-dec-400

Case Study Book – Explore Existing Surgery Creations – You might Recognise Some!!

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Contemporary design, patient comfort, and uninhibited dental team access combined with solid, reliable performance.

  • Double articulating and gliding headrest  – knob style
  • Four pre-set positions, Last-Position memory (LP) and Auto-Return
  • Moving Left and right armrests
  • Chair-mounted delivery system features include:
    • o Height-adjustable delivery system
    • o Easy-clean membrane for touchpad
    • o Three-way autoclavable syringe
    • o Three handpiece outlets with individual air and water control
    • o Handpiece line flush out system
    • o Handpiece oil collector
    • o Standard tray holder
  • Chair-mounted spittoon features include:
    • o Assistant three-way autoclavable syringe
    • o Easily detached HVE & saliva ejector
  • Chair Mounted operating light features include:
    • o Auto on/off
  • A-dec 400 options:
    • o LED light option
    • o Scaler
    • o Fiber optics
  • 5 years manufacture parts warranty

Web Link: http://ie.a-dec.com/en/Products/Dental-Chairs/Dental-Chairs/A-dec-400


A-dec 400 Brouchure
A-dec Colours

User Manuals

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A-dec Cleaning Guide IFU
A-dec LED Light IFU
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A-dec Monitor mount IIFU
A-dec Water Bottle IFU
A-dec Water Line Maintenance IFU

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