A-Dec Performer LR – Ambidextrous Entry Level

The A-dec Performer answers the need for less complexity, lower cost and exceptional choices for every pound you invest.

  • Ambidextrous
  • Back Rest – Sturdy, Narrow Backrest
  • Seat –
    • Smooth , Quiet Hydraulic Movement
    • 181 kg weight capacity
    • Fixed armrests
    • Seamless Upholstery choices
  • Halogen or LED Light
  • Porcelain Spittoon bowl that can move towards or away from patient
  • Full integration of fibre Optics, micro-motors, scalers, cameras and curing lights
  • 2 litre Water Bottle – requires fewer refills
  • 5 Years Parts Warranty

3D View of Chair – Spin-Rotate-View 

Web Link: http://ie.a-dec.com/en/Products/Dental-Chairs/Dental-Chairs/Performer

Case Study Book – Explore Existing Surgery Creations – You might Recognise Some!!

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With Performer LR+, you’re assured simplicity, flexibility, access and comfort. Performer LR+ answers the need for less complexity, lower cost and exceptional choices for every pound you invest.

The delivery system can be located in either left- or right-handed positions in a matter of seconds. It also features a 300 touchpad, which offers more functionality and the option to upgrade to the deluxe version.

This unit is great value for money. Classically A-dec, it’s a reliable product without any complications. The result? An easy-to-use treatment center that lasts longer and requires less service.

  • Double articulating headrest
  • Four pre-set positions, Last-Position memory (LP) and Auto-Return
  • Left and right armrests
  • Chair-mounted delivery system features include:
    • Height-adjustable delivery system
    • Easy-clean membrane for touchpad
    • Three-way autoclavable syringe
    • Three handpiece outlets with individual air and water control
    • Handpiece line flush out system
    • Handpiece oil collector
    • Standard tray holder
  • Chair-mounted spittoon features include:
    • Assistant three-way autoclavable syringe
    • Easily detached HVE & saliva ejector
  • Chair Mounted operating light features include:
    • Auto on/off
  • Performer LR+ options:
    • LED light option
    • Scaler
    • Fiber optics
  • 5 years manufacture parts warranty

Web Link: http://ie.a-dec.com/en/Products/Dental-Chairs/Dental-Chairs/Performer


A-dec Performer_2016

User Manuals

A-dec Cleaning Guide IFU
A-dec LED Light IFU
A-dec Lever Foot Control IFU
A-dec Monitor mount IIFU
A-dec Performer IFU
A-dec Water Bottle IFU
A-dec Water Line Maintenance IFU

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