Bambach Saddle Stools

The Bambach Saddle Seat:

  • Is extremely comfortable
  • Naturally maintains the spine’s stress-free ‘S’ shape
  • Maintains optimal spinal function
  • Prevents slouching and problems caused by poor posture
  • Relieves neck and shoulder pain and related headaches
  • Facilitates fine motor movements of hands and fingers
  • Promotes good circulation
  • Peer reviewed research from Universities worldwide
  • Clinically proven, rigorously tested
  • Manufactured in the UK since 1994
  • Each seat is custom made to fit you
  • Available in 3 robust finishes and over 30 colours
  • Can be upholstered to match your patients’ chair
  • Unparalleled range of aftermarket options and support
  • Free 30 day trial

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Sit the Bambach way and improve your health

The Bambach is the only seat scientifically proven to help you sit comfortably, naturally, upright and stable, relieving and preventing posture related problems including lower back pain and Sciatica!

If you do a lot of sitting (and most of us do) you probably won’t believe how much the simple act of sitting is damaging your body. But it is. And there’s a lot of science to prove it. That’s why so many people suffer from back pain, headaches, or problems with their neck, arms, hands or shoulders. You may very well be one of them. If you are, then here’s something else you might find hard to believe: the solution is surprisingly simple. That’s because the solution is a seat. More specifically, it’s the Bambach Saddle Seat.

The Bambach Saddle Seat is good for the spine. Very good. In fact, it’s the only seat scientifically proven to reduce and prevent back pain and other posture related problems. Whether you already suffer with these problems, or you want to avoid doing so in the future, you should seriously consider using a Bambach. On this site, we look at what you’ll get from using one of our seats – and why.

If you want detailed explanations of what the Bambach can do for you, and how, you’ll find them on this site. We’ll answer questions such as:

What’s wrong with the seat you use now?

The short answer is ‘a lot’. That’s because conventional seats force the spine out of its natural, healthy ‘S’ shape, into an unnatural and extremely unhealthy ‘C’ shape. This doesn’t merely result in musculoskeletal problems such as lower back pain, but tends to crush the internal organs, producing a wide range of other problems and even increased cholesterol levels. For a full description of the medical problems that result from sitting on a conventional or flat seat, read our section: The ‘C’-shaped spine – why conventional seats are bad for you.

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