Carestream CS7200

Compact and easy to use, the affordable CS 7200 combines a familiar, film-like workflow with the speed and efficiency of digital imaging. The unit’s slim, space-saving design makes it an ideal choice for chairside exams and everyday intraoral applications—all without any compromise to image quality.

  • Plate Scanner System
  • High Image Quality – 25LP/mm (Theoretical resolution)
  • Size 0,1 & 2 Plates
  • USB Connection into PC
  • Automatic Erasing of plates
  • 13cm (W) x 27cm (H) x 30cm (D)

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Combining the benefits of both film and digital, the CS 7200 imaging plate system is an affordable solution for any practice. In addition to being the perfect chairside companion, the system covers a range of everyday intraoral applications—and there’s no compromise to image quality.

Compact, slim, & quiet

The CS 7200’s space-saving design not only allows the unit to be placed in small places, but it also makes it the ideal chairside companion—giving you the ability to perform routine intraoral exams without ever leaving your stool.

  • Slim, compact design fits practically anywhere
  • Quiet scanning ensures a more comfortable exam
  • Unit connects directly to computer via USB connection
  • Covers daily intraoral indications, including periapical, bitewing, and pediatric exams

Superb images in seconds

Combining a true resolution of 17 lp/mm, a wide exposure range and powerful image processing, the CS 7200 delivers sharp images with exceptional details and high contrast, near-instantly.

  • Access first image in as little as 8 seconds
  • New processing ensures optimal contrast, sharpness, and low noise images
  • Plates’ wide exposure range helps prevent over- or under- exposure
  • Preprogrammed anatomical filters generate images with perfect contrast
  • 3 scanning modes allow prioritization of speed or resolution

Optimal workflow

The CS 7200 uses a workflow that’s similar to film—but designed for maximum simplicity. Simply take the x-ray, scan the plate, and the CS 7200 does the rest.

  • Images automatically display on your computer screen—no clicks required
  • Cable-free plates promote accurate positioning
  • Plates available in same sizes as our film (size 0, 1, 2)
  • Includes Carestream Dental’s powerful and easy-to-use imaging software

Virtually error-proof

Featuring a simple workflow limiting the risk of mistake, the CS 7200 allows you to focus on your patients, rather than on operating the unit.

  • Hygienic sheaths reduce risk of cross-contamination and protect plates from scratches and light
  • Unit recognizes when a plate is inserted upside down without erasing the image
  • Plates erase automatically after each scan and are ready for reuse
  • Thin, flexible plates are as easy to position and as comfortable as film

A cost-effective solution

With a streamlined workflow that puts high-quality images in your hands almost instantly, the CS 7200 will certainly boost your practice’s efficiency—but it offers far more than just that.

  • Eliminates film and chemical expenses
  • Durable, scratch-resistant plates can be reused hundreds of times
  • Replacement plates are relatively inexpensive
  • Familiar workflow minimizes training needs
  • Includes standard replacement warranty with extended options available

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User Manuals

CS7200 User Guide (19mb)


Upgrade to CS7600


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