Cattani AC300 – 4-6 Surgery


The AC300 compressor has a teflon coated receiver, this compressor is single phase, but 3 phase is available upon request.

The AC300 compressor is designed for up to 8 surgeries, 4 running simultaneously and come in AC300 (with dryer) and AC300Q (with dryer and sound reducing cover) models.

All AC300 compressors come with a 5 years parts guarantee (subject to terms and conditions).

Service Kit Requirement: ‘SERV-AIR1-A / SERV-AIR1-B’

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Our dental products are built using raw materials and are of the highest quality, delivering unbeatable performance, leading-edge technology and component advancements to benefit our customers.

Straight-forward to install and maintain, Cattani compressors and suction systems are supplied with easy to read user instructions, to maximise their reliability and longevity. All suction systems and compressors are supplied with warranty guarantees (subject to servicing terms and conditions).

It is recommended that machines are annually serviced by a qualified technician and that Cattani’s range of system disinfectants and cleaning products are regularly used. Cattani ESAM (UK) Ltd has a well-earned reputation for providing superlative technical support and a professional, rapid and reliable after-sales service.


Cattani AC300 Brochure
Cattani AC300Q Brochure

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