DAC Universal Handpiece Cleaner

DAC Universal is a washer and autoclave all in one unit – Used handpieces in and 6 sterile handpieces out ready to use in 15mins.

  • Cleans Internal, External, Oils and Autoclaves
  • 6 Handpieces returned sterilised in 15 minutes
  • Fully Automatic
  • Height open/closed (with Standard lid) x width x depth
    • 53 cm / 35 cm x 38 cm x 37 cm
  • Requires Compressed Air

Web Link: https://www1.dentsplysirona.com/en/products/instruments/hygiene-systems/dac-universal.html


Switch off hygiene risks: Switch on DAC Universal

Comply with hygiene standards at the touch of a button and avoid cross contamination: Completely safe with DAC Universal. Your patients and employees can rely on this all-round protection and put their complete trust in the treatment with the reprocessed, disinfected or sterilized instruments.

  • Cleaning, lubrication – if necessary –disinfection and sterilization in a single cycle
  • Internal and external cleaning of straight and contra-angle handpieces, turbines, ultrasonic handpieces and tips as well as the nozzles of multi-functional syringes and powder jet devices
  • Disinfection and sterilization of instruments
  • Six instruments in next to no time
  • Reliable processing and time-saving
  • Simple operation
  • An interface for electronic, documentation systems

Web Link: https://www1.dentsplysirona.com/en/products/instruments/hygiene-systems/dac-universal.html


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