Melag 31B + Vacuum Autoclave

Melag 31B – Reliable steam sterilizers that works continuously

  • 5 Trays
  • Upto 5kg Load
  • 17 Litres
  • Auto Water Feed & Drain Option
  • Service annually or 1000 Cycles
  • 30min Universal Vacuum Program (Plus Drying)

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These units feature an integrated water storage tank and a patented air cooling system. They work with the extremely high-performance membrane pump technology which has proven its worth for decades.

As a result of continued development work, the Vacuklav® 31 B+ represent an extremely high-performance autoclaves whose design simultaneously features the particularly economical use of resources.

Practically no installation work in your practice whatsoever and can be operated independent of location. The noise suppression feature has also been improved.

  • absolutely independent of location,
  • only a power supply is needed
  • minimum installation effort

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Melag 31B Brochure

User Manuals

Melag 31B User Manual


Essential – Always use high quality water.

To ensure this Upgrade by adding a Meladem 40 Water Filter to side


Documentation of the Melag 31B+ is essential to running a practice.

Melag offer many solutions to help make this simple e.g.

  • Linking straight into a computer or network
  • Printing Barcode Labels
  • Paper Printer option
  • CF card option

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