Planmeca Emerald Scanner

Planmeca is expanding its extensive CAD/CAM product range with a new light intraoral scanner – the 183 gram Planmeca Emerald™. The new intraoral scanner is small, lightweight, and exceedingly fast scanner with superior accuracy. It is the perfect tool for smooth and efficient chairside workflow.

Planmeca Emerald

The compact and extremely light Planmeca Emerald™ intraoral scanner makes intraoral imaging easy for the dentist and highly comfortable for the patient. The small size and seamless design of the scanner guarantee a great patient experience.


Go Beyond The Standard….Be Brilliant

The Planmeca Emerald™ Next-Gen Intraoral Scanner is an ultra-lightweight, ergonomically designed digital scanner that quickly delivers images with superior accuracy and detail. A streamlined, compact design provides clinicians with a comfortable feel and superior control while capturing images. Deliberately designed for increased patient safety, autoclavable seamless scanner tips prevent cross-infection while encouraging continuous scanning.

By using a multi-color laser based system, Planmeca Emerald produces images with a vibrant color palette for realistic digital impressions that allow dentists to distinguish between hard and soft tissue. Built on an open system platform, Planmeca Emerald seamlessly integrates with other systems making collaboration with labs worry-free. With Planmeca Emerald, scanning is never complicated. So simple, it’s brilliant.

Excellent usability and workflow:
•Ergonomic design – the perfect balance of size & weight
•Superior speed & accuracy
•Fully integrated color scanning for natural colors
•Simple plug-and-play solution –scan at multiple workstations
•Autoclavable tip & seamless design for impeccable infection control
•Active anti-fog feature on the tip of the scanner
•USB-3 connection
•Open STL format


Planmeca Emerald Brochure