Planmeca PROmax 2D S2

Planmeca ProMax® – the complete imaging centre – sets a new benchmark in panoramic and cephalometric imaging.

  • Digital OPG with Superior Image Quality
  • Easy to use Operation & open patient positioning
  • Upgradable to Ceph or 3D CBCT
  • Standard Programs
    • Standard panoramic
    • Lateral TMJ
    • PA TMJ
    • PA Sinus
    • Child (Paediatric) mode for each standard and optional program to reduce the dose
  • Optional Programs available e.g. Bite Wing, Segmenting for panoramic etc
  • Mac OS and Windows compatible
  • Dimension – 96cm (W) x 125cm (D) x 243cm max (H)

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For basic 2D imaging needs

User interface provides guidance

The full-colour graphical user interface provides clear texts and symbols to guide you through your procedure. Settings are logically grouped and easy to understand, speeding up imaging and allowing you to focus on positioning your patient correctly and communicating with them.

Easy patient positioning

Open patient positioning and side entry minimise errors caused by incorrect patient positioning by allowing you to monitor the patient freely from both the front and side. Side entry allows easy access for all patients – standing or seated. Patient positioning is assisted by our triple laser beam system, which indicates the correct anatomical positioning points.

All the imaging programs you need

Our Planmeca ProMax® X-ray unit offers the widest variety of imaging programs available – easily meeting all your clinical needs. You can also select the correct exposure formats to minimise the radiation dose for all types of patients and diagnostic purposes.

Child mode for reduced dose

Child mode reduces the patient dose remarkably for all programs by reducing the imaging area and exposure values.

Easy upgrade from 2D to 3D

Planmeca ProMax® – future proof and a great investment

Planmeca ProMax® 2D is designed with upgradeability in mind. The unit’s modular structure allows easy conversion to different imaging modalities, while the software-driven SCARA is extremely flexible, allowing you to benefit from new imaging projections.

Whether you’re upgrading your 2D unit to 3D, or adding a cephalometric arm, Planmeca has the right solution for you. Individual options can be installed before delivery or added later, making Planmeca ProMax the most versatile all-in-one X-ray unit available.


Standard: Basic panoramic programs:

  • Standard panoramic
  • Lateral TMJ (closed & open)
  • PA TMJ (closed & open)
  • PA sinus


  • Child (Paediatric) mode for each standard and optional program to reduce the dose


  • Horizontal and vertical segmenting for panoramic program
    • With the Horizontal and vertical segmenting program, exposure can be strictly limited to the diagnostic region of interest. Patient dosage is reduced by up to 90% compared to full panoramic exposure.


  • Bitewing
    • The Bitewing program uses improved interproximal angulation geometry. The result is a bitewing image pair with low patient dose and excellent diagnostic quality.


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Planemca 2D Imaging Brochure

User Manuals

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Planmeca PROmax S2 Quick User Guide







UPGRADE - Segmented OPG


Upgrade to Ceph