Sirona Intego

Performance you can rely on

Intego is the best treatment center of its class. It is based on the innovative power and award-winning design of our existing treatment centers. As a reliable partner for an efficient practice, Intego has all the features that provide optimal support: ergonomic design for better workflows, high quality standards in processing and design, and a great value – this is why Intego is our performance class.

  • Basic Treatment center with a compact spittoon for optimal use of space
  • EasyPad user interface for easy, intuitive operation
  • Compact assistant element with good freedom of movement
  • Controlled water quality with a self-contained fresh water supply bottle
  • Available as the TS model with hanging hoses or CS with whip arms
  • Fully upgradable for micromotors, cameras, screens, scalers & curing lights


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Your reliable partner

Intego is available with a compact water unit for an optimal use of space. The integrated fresh water bottle ensures a constant controlled water quality. The EasyPad user interface on the dentist element offers an easy and intuitive operation. Moreover, Intego guarantees good freedom of movement for your team thanks to its compact assistant element. Intego is available as TS or CS model – so you can choose your preferred way of working.

Safety you can rely on

The Intego infection prevention concept is designed so you can comply quickly and easily with all infection control regulations. The Compact water unit and assistant element can be adapted to many different demands and requirements by freely selectable suction systems and infection prevention options.

Cuspidor– Removable and swivelling, easy to clean, and easily accessible.

Purge function– Automatically purges all instrument waterlines on the dentist and assistant side.

Suction systems– Compatible with all conventional central wet or dry suction systems, including amalgam separator.

Fresh water bottle– For controlled water quality. Can also be filled with Dentosept S solution for permanent disinfection and manual sanitization.

Automatic suction hose cleaning– Cleaning adaptor for automatic flushing of saliva ejector and spray aspirator.

Smooth surfaces– The largely gap-free design of the surfaces ensures maximum infection control in the shortest time possible.

Intuitive operation– Intego offers two state-of-the art, intuitive user interfaces: the clear EasyPad and innovative touchscreen technology EasyTouch .

Flexible headrests– The flat headrest can be adjusted quickly and flexibly. The double-articulating headrest is even easier to position and allows optimal visibility.

Everything under control– Choose between the pneumatic instrument foot control (left) or the modern C+ electronic foot control (right).

Optimal illumination– Ensure perfect visibility with LEDlight or benefit from the sophisticated technical features of LEDview Plus (such as composite mode and a large light field).

Comfortable upholstery options– Both the seamless Thermo Premium upholstery and the soft Lounge upholstery ensure high comfort even during long treatments.

Quality you can rely on

Reliability and durability

Precise, elaborate quality tests and robust materials make Intego a reliable treatment center with an above-average service life. Designed and produced in Germany. Using precisely defined processes that ensure greatest reliability.

High standards-Dentsply Sirona is a technology leader with more than 130 years of innovation history. Our engineers and scientists in Research & Development not only pay close attention to innovation, but also quality.

High quality– Intego Ambidextrous immediately shows our attention to detail. The materials used meet the high quality demands of a premium product.

Integration possibilities for endodontic treatments

Integrated ApexLocator– An ApexLocator can also be integrated into the EasyTouch to allow for permanent control of the working depth during endodontic treatment and a reduction of X-ray exposure.

Integrated torque control– Speed and torque are adjustable, and the motor stops automatically when the set maximum torque is reached. This ensures greater safety and perfect workflow for endodontic treatment.

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User Manuals

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Intego User Manual


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