Sirona Sinius

Integration made easy

What if you had everything you need for your next treatment already at your fingertips? Simplify your practice workflows with the integrated implantology and endodontic function of Sinius. Having everything integrated means working more efficient, hygienic and confident. And with the integrated patient communication system, you can perfectly include your patients into every step of diagnosis and treatment.

  • Integrated Endo
  • Integrated Apex Locator
  • Integrated Implantology
  • Automatic water and suction hygiene Systems available
  • Sliding chair side track or over the patient delivery arm options
  • Electronic Headrest
  • Wireless Foot control

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The Sirona Sinius is designed to be as efficient as possible, speeding up your workflow and allowing you to make optimal use of your time. With a user-friendly touchscreen, integrated treatment functions and an ultra-compact design, the Sirona Sinius delivers exceptional performance in as few steps as possible.

Integrated treatment packages

Treatment packages for implantology and endodontics can be integrated into the treatment centre

Easy to operate

User-friendly touchscreen technology is easy to operate, removes the need for a keyboard and mouse and saves countertop clutter

Freedom of movement

Wireless foot control, manual sliding track and the choice of a swivel arm or swivel tray allows you more freedom of movement for optimal treatment performance

Impeccable hygiene

With smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces, detachable components and an integrated sanitisation adapter, the Sinius makes it easy to maintain impeccable hygiene standards

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Sirona Sinius Brochure

User Manuals

Sirona Sinius Quick User Guide
Sirona Sinius Full User Guide