Sirona Xios XG Supreme

Deliver superior care with Xios XG sensors

Xios XG provides industry-leading image quality. That kind of superior image quality alone can make substantial improvements to diagnosis and patient acceptance. Backed by expansive system choices, image enhancement capabilities and a leading service and support team, Xios XG could very well change the way you and your patients see your entire practice.

The Xios XG sensors integrate seamlessly with the Dentsply Sirona X-ray units and software to deliver better, safer and faster intraoral diagnostics.

  • Powerful and reliable images
  • Three sensor sizes
  • 3 cables lengths
  • WiFi or USB connectivityUSB Connection
  • 33lp/mm theoretical resolution
  • DIY cable replacement should it get damaged

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Benefits at a glance

The Xios XG sensors may quickly be your favorite tools to work efficiently. What they bring to your practice is crystal clear:

Outstanding image quality, instantly available

33 lp/mm theoretical resolution and a 15 μm pixel size delivering the industry-leading image quality without any waiting time caused by a developing process.

Robust and with replicable cable to last

Premium materials, high-standard production processes and a unique design enabling you to replace the cable within minutes.

Multiple options to fit in your treatment rooms

Three sensor sizes, 3 cables lengths, WiFi or USB connectivity… all built on a modular design allowing you to adapt your sensors to your new needs.

Chairside imaging

Leverage your workflows by integrating your treatment center with your intraoral X-ray units and sensors.

Your own system on your own terms

Built on a modular platform, Xios XG offers you flexibility to customize digital imaging solutions that fit your practice. With broad choices in everything from sensor sizes and cable lengths, to USB or WiFi connectivity, you can pick the most appropriate technology for your needs. In addition, all platform components are designed for compatibility and easy integration with many practice management programs. Therefore, you can keep up with changing requirements as they arise, without having to change your whole system. In addition, that means you can protect your investment for years to come.

The unique replaceable cable offers the ultimate return on investment

Users benefit from outstanding image for years to come thanks to the patented DIY cable replacement. Cables cost a fraction of price of a new sensor and can be purchased at any time – a spare cable ensures absolutely no lost productivity for the user should a cable be damaged.

Simply inspiring imaging

The Xios XG intraoral sensor provides industry-leading theoretical resolution. For consistently crisp, detailed images, no other digital sensor can compare. Featuring bold bone trabeculation, crisp lamina dura and a clear, clean DEJ, clinicians depend on Xios XG’s superior image quality to meet their diagnostic needs. This intraoral sensor brings an unprecedented level of clarity, sharpness and detail to digital radiography.

33 lp/mm theoretical resolution

Image clarity is the most cited technical factor for quality imaging. Outstanding image resolution is essential for defining edges, identifying caries and other defects. At 33 lp/mm theoretical resolution, Xios XG Supreme delivers industry-leading resolution and quality.




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