Steelco DS500 SC

Steelco DS500 CL – Large UnderBench Washer Disinfector

  • Suitable for 2-4 surgeries
  • Includes:
    • 2 x Pull out rack to set baskets on
    • 1 x Basket to hold Instrument vertically
    • 2 x ‘Toast Rack’ – holds 8 cassettes
    • 1 x Net basket for small items e.g. Burrs
    • 1 x USB Logger
  • Dimensions – 630mm (D) x 600mm (W) x 850mm (H)
  • Services – Cold, Hot (optional) , Drain & Double Socket

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Stainless steel door version DS 500 SC

LED display control panel with 10 washing and thermal disinfection programs for surgical instruments: 5 standard pre-programmed cycles and 5 additional, available for customization.

Specially designed for installations with limited space, this model works with washing injection system on two levels. This new generation of compact washer disinfectors shares the same technology of our high capacity CSSD equipment, for significative improvements in terms of cleaning quality and thermal disinfection performances.

Washing injection system on two independent levels.

Dimensions WxDxH: 600mm x 630mm x 850mm

Chamber volume ~171 lt / 45.17 Gal US

Basket volume ~151 lt / 39.89 Gal US.

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  • Heavy washing pump to ensure high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure.
  • Washing and DI disinfection temperature are fully adjustable up to 93°C. Temperature is monitored by two independent sensors.
  • Standard steam condenser prevents vapours from entering into the washing area.
  • Inner cabinet, washing arms and tank filters made of high quality AISI 316 L stainless steel.
  • Two automatic liquid dispensers.
  • Triple water filtering system captures residue, preventing re-circulation and extending the pump life.
  • DS 500 can be integrated into existing furniture of treatment rooms, and also with functional side cabinets or ergonomic stands.


Steelco Dental Brouchure 2015

User Manuals

Steelco DS500 SC


The Steelco washer can be tailored to meet the work flow demands in your practice with various inserts such as:

  • Handpiece Holders for internal and external cleaning of handpieces
  • Scaler tip holders
  • Various trays and racks to hold instruments and casettes

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