W&H Assistina 3×3

The W&H Assistina 3×3 cleans and oils 3 handpieces internally and externally

  • External & Internal Cleaning and internal Oiling
  • 3 Handpieces per cycle
  • Fluids – W&H Active Fluid (cleaning) & W&H Service Oil F1 Cartridges
  • Dimensions: 35.8cm (H) x 20.7cm (W) x 39.7CM (D)
  • Airline required

Web Link: http://www.wh.com/en_uk/dental-products/sterilization-hygienic-maintenance/reprocessing-devices/assistina/#assistina_3x3


Perfect external & internal cleaning

Validated process in three steps:

The instrument preparation with Assistina 3×3 is carried out in three steps. The complete process is validated and confirmed by expert opinion.

Step 1:

Automatic internal cleaning of spray channels and transmission parts with W&H Activefluid. Blowing through spray channels and transmission parts with compressed air.

Step 2:

Automatic external cleaning of the instrument with W&H Activefluid.

Step 3:

Lubrication of transmission parts with W&H Service Oil F1.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Automatic external cleaning
  • Automatic internal cleaning
  • Perfect instrument lubrication
  • Short cycle time
  • Easy to use
  • Optimum price-performance ratio

Web Link: http://www.wh.com/en_uk/dental-products/sterilization-hygienic-maintenance/reprocessing-devices/assistina/#assistina_3x3


W&H Assistina ‘3×3’

User Manuals

W&H Assistina 3X3 User Manual