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Carestream CS8100 Ceph

  • Carestream Ceph available on CS8100 OPG or 3D CBCT
  • Fastest cephalometric scanning in the world with scan times as little as 3 seconds
  • Dedicated Ceph Sensor
  • Tracing Software Included
  • Full Range of Fields including:
    • cranial option (26 x 24 cm)
    • standard (18 x 24 cm)
    • low dose format (18 x 18 cm)
  • Ultra-Compact System can be installed in most practices
  • Unit Dimensions with Ceph: 184.2cm (L) x 93.6cm (D) x 159.6cm (H)

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Planmeca Ceph

We offer exceptional equipment and the most advanced software for all your orthodontic needs.

  • Two Ceph Options
    • One Shot – Short Exposure time – no motion artefects
    • Scanning – Scans patients head horizontally with extremely low dose
  • Ceph Analysis and superimpositions options

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Sirona Orthophos Ceph

Cephalometric Imaging

Orthophos SL, S & E all offer the capability to install a cephalometric arm at any time. To be sure it fits in your X-ray room, the arm can be mounted either on the right side or left side of the unit.

Using a dedicated sensor, you get lateral and symmetrical p.a. or a.p. as well as carpus images. In cases of displaced teeth, you can also fall back on the benefits of 3D X-rays to determine their exact location.