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Bambach Saddle Stools

The Bambach Saddle Seat:

  • Is extremely comfortable
  • Naturally maintains the spine’s stress-free ‘S’ shape
  • Maintains optimal spinal function
  • Prevents slouching and problems caused by poor posture
  • Relieves neck and shoulder pain and related headaches
  • Facilitates fine motor movements of hands and fingers
  • Promotes good circulation
  • Peer reviewed research from Universities worldwide
  • Clinically proven, rigorously tested
  • Manufactured in the UK since 1994
  • Each seat is custom made to fit you
  • Available in 3 robust finishes and over 30 colours
  • Can be upholstered to match your patients’ chair
  • Unparalleled range of aftermarket options and support
  • Free 30 day trial

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