Carestream CS7600

The CS 7600 goes beyond the essentials of top performance. With versatile imaging capabilities and a fully automated workflow, the system is designed to enhance productivity and promote sharing. The unit is always available—making it a flexible solution for multi-user practices

  • Plate Scanner System
  • High Image Quality
  • Size 0,1,2,3 & 4 Plates
  • Network connection – good for multi-surgery practices
  • LCD Screen to preview images as scanned
  • On Board memory can store images
  • Automatic Erasing of plates
  • ‘Scan & Go’ Feature – patients name saved on plate – ever lose an x-ray.
  • 23cm (W) x 27cm (H) x 26cm (D)

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With its fully automated and secured x-ray workflow, the CS 7600 provides the essential elements you need to generate outstanding images. Featuring Scan & Go technology, the unit is designed for shared use, so it’s always available when you need it—making it perfect for multi-user practices. And, since the CS 7600’s plates are as easy to use as film, the system integrates easily into any practice.

Outstanding Quality and Speed

The CS 7600 delivers high-quality intraoral images quickly and easily—consistently generating the high-resolution images you need to make a confident diagnosis.

  • Access first image in as little as five seconds
  • Scan and display a full mouth series (FMS) in just a few minutes
  • New processing ensures optimal contrast, sharpness, and low noise images
  • Plates’ wide exposure range helps prevent over- or under- exposure

A Cost-Effective Solution

With its many benefits, the CS 7600 truly is a practical solution for any practice.

  • Scanner can be shared between multiple operatories
  • Easy to install and use
  • Durable, scratch-resistant plates can be reused hundreds of times
  • Eliminates film and processing expenses

Superior Workflow

Featuring Scan & Go technology, the CS 7600 offers a fully automated and secured workflow that’s designed for shared use and already ready.

  • No need to reserve the system when scanning a plate
  • Unit identifies plates prior to exams and automatically routes images to the proper computer and patient file
  • Scan plates in any order with minimal user intervention and no risk of plate mix-ups

Built-In Memory

With the unit’s built-in memory, there’s virtually no risk of image loss.

  • Continue scanning even when computer is turned off or network fails
  • Improve efficiency and user experience

Versatile and Compact Design

Because the CS 7600 can be used chairside or shared between multiple examination rooms, the system is a versatile and cost-effective solution for multi-user practices.

  • Small footprint fits practically anywhere
  • Ethernet connectivity allows unit to be easily shared across the network
  • No dedicated computer required for sharing

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User Manuals

CS7600 User Guide


Additional Imaging Plates

Unit identifies plates prior to exams and automatically routes images to the proper computer and patient file