Durr VSA 900 – 3-5 Surgery

Durr VSA 900 S – VS900 Suction & CA4 Amalgam Separation

For three Operator and five Treatment Rooms

Operators= Number of treatment stations with simultaneous operation

Rooms = Number of stations that can be connected with simultaneity factor 60%

  • 240V/50Hz/7.4Amp
  • Power 1680W
  • Noise – 63dB(A) or 55dB(A) in housing
  • Dimension (HxWxD cm) – 97 x 55 x 55

Web Link: https://www.duerrdental.com/en/products/suction/amalgam-separator/ca-4/

Web Link: https://www.duerrdental.com/en/products/suction/vs-systems/vs-900-s/


Durr Suction Pumps VS Range are able to supply from one to six surgeries including amalgam separation.

The CA4 amalgam separator is fitted with a pressure compensation chamber at the factory. This reduces the installation efforts to a minimum. Along with the VS 900 suction machine it provides the optimum solution for 3-5 dentists.

The Durr VS Suction Systems are in line with the current surgery requirements of reliable and resourceful equipment.

The VS system continuously generates the correct vacuum levels required for a trouble free and hygienically perfect treatment.

Durr Suction Pumps VS range can cater for up to six surgeries and up to four running simultaneously, a typical installation of the VS systems might be within a hygiene or orthodontic only environment where amalgam separation is not an issue.

Key features of the Durr VS Systems

  • Reliability during continuous use.
  • Impellers of the highest quality made of coated aluminium or extremely corrosive resistant plastic
  • High suction performance with seconds of activation
  • Very compact units that do not compromise on quality
  • Durr offer exceptional support with regards to practice layouts and the planning of central suction systems, both with and without amalgam separation

Web Link: https://www.duerrdental.com/en/products/suction/vs-systems/vs-900/

Web Link: https://www.duerrdental.com/en/products/suction/amalgam-separator/ca-4/


Durr VSA 900 Brochure

User Manuals

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