Sirona CEREC

CEREC CAD/CAM solutions for dental practices

Imagine that you could now offer your patients single-visit restorations – all while using conventional materials. And if you could also offer implant and orthodontic procedures, what opportunities would that create for your practice? Efficiency, greater added value and safety: CEREC makes exactly this possible. A win-win situation: You meet the highest standards and your patients get the best treatment.


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CEREC can do quite a lot. And then some.

These days every dentist is faced with the challenge of integrating technical developments into their work in order to remain competitive. What’s more, patients’ demands have grown. They would like a diverse range of treatments and comfortable treatment in a modern working environment. With CEREC, Dentsply Sirona offers a solution that meets the needs of your patients as well as your own in every respect.

CEREC Solutions for different workflows

Be free to choose just what you need and discover your way of using CEREC. For more than 30 years, CEREC has been synonymous with the creation of restorations in a single visit. We have continuously developed and improved CEREC to meet your requirements and satisfy your patients’ demands. Today its capabilities extend far beyond single restorations. The CEREC solution spectrum covers three key areas: restorative, implantology and orthodontics, both for chairside and clinic-to-laboratory workflows – giving you the ideal set-up for the future.


  • Excellent initial patient-specific design proposals through analysis of the complete scan thanks to the unique “Biojaw” function
  • Intuitive use of the CEREC software
  • Broad variety of materials
  • Excellent milling and grinding results


  • Chairside Implantology with custom abutments or screwretained crowns with CEREC Zirconia meso block in one visit.
  • Implants with the cost-effective CEREC Guide 2, the fastest surgical guide on the market


  • Faster aligner treatment plan
  • Digital storage and on-demand model production on 3D printers
  • Reliable digital impressions with a small powder-free camera
  • Integrated model analysis tools


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