W&H Assistina 301 Plus

W&H Assistina 301 fast lubrication of a single handpiece

  • Automatic instrument internal cleaning and lubrication
  • Single Handpiece
  • Rotational Lubrication & flushing with compressed air.
  • Liquids – W&H Cleaning Fluid & W&H Service Oil F1
  • 23cm (h) x 19cm (w) x 41.5cm (d)
  • Air Line Required

Web: http://www.wh.com/en_uk/dental-products/sterilization-hygienic-maintenance/reprocessing-devices/assistina301/#assistina301


Automatic instrument maintenance procedures provide distinct advantages for correct cleaning and lubrication as well as perfect function and long working life of dental instruments.

It is simple, safe and cost-reducing.

Maintenance at the touch-of-a-button

The maintenance process starts automatically at the touch of a button. After only 35 seconds, the instrument is perfectly maintained.

The automatic rotational lubrication ensures optimum distribution of the oil and that an even film of lubricant is created. Dirt particles are loosened and removed. The lifespan of the instruments is increased significantly whilst service costs are reduced.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Cleaning and lubrication of the internal components with Service Oil through rotation
  • Optimum cleaning of the spray water and spray air channels with cleaning fluid
  • Flushing through with compressed air

Web Link: http://www.wh.com/en_uk/dental-products/sterilization-hygienic-maintenance/reprocessing-devices/assistina301/#assistina301


W&H Assistina 301 Brochure

User Manuals

W&H Assistina 301 User Manual